• Kill The Buzz

  • Kill The Buzz

    As a young kid music has always been a part of his life and now he’s making progress and getting recognition by not only his local and national territory but even from Abroad (Germany, USA, UK etc.)

    This young gun in the building entered the world of Music at an age of 10, when he first got introduced to learning to play keys. At age 14 he started to learn how to put his creative touch into a digital world, creating music and making first steps in becoming a producer.
    After years of practicing and learning how music is created, he got involved in learning more and more about the harmony within music and thus gaining more and more interest in his first real love within the digital music scene: “Dance Music”. The feeling, the emotions within Dance Music was the thing he was looking for, which he eventually found within Progressive House.

    The wait is now for one of his tracks to be released on one of the most talented DJs out there from the Netherlands. But one thing is for sure. Kill the Buzz is here, to stay and to win the hearts and respect from people and fellow producers and DJs.


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